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Easiio, Inc. is founded in 2013 by Dr. Jian Lin, a Caltech Ph. D., and a Cisco/WebEx and RingCentral veteran who is experienced in Cloud PBX and Web/Video conferencing. He is one of 'Fujian 100 talent'. Aiming to provide the best distributed Cloud base Video-centric communication technology, Easiio specializes in developing high-quality fast deployable Cloud PBX and HD video technology that can be applied to modern unified communication for a wide variety of vertical applications. Video call center, for example, is one of the applications of the core video technology developed by Easiio. Easiio technology can be pluggable into all types of mobile, client and web applications. Easiio's principle is Quality, Simplicity, Intelligence, and Versatility.

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4655 Old Ironsides Dr., Suite 290, Santa Clara, CA 95054
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